Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quarter 2: Week 1 post B

In the beginning of the book the main character, Jan, is on her way to a shelter, she is homeless at age 15. She' on a block where people try and sell her drugs and alcohol but Jan knows she must keep moving so that she can get to the shelter. When she first gets to the shelter a nun, who is the head at the shelter, asks her to explain why it is that she is coming to stay at the shelter. She explains to the nun that her mom would get abused by her stepfather, Dave, and how she would always swear to her that she wasn't going to take him back and continuously she did. She is brought to her foam mattress in the corner of a big room where 17 other teenage girls stayed, out of which, she was the only white girl. She starts telling us about her family situation. There was Dave, the temperamental, wacked up, abusive, stepfather. And her mother who was so weak willed. She explains how Dave and her mother have been together for 7 months. In those 7 months they have broken up 4 times. Each time they break up Jan's mother tells Jan that it is just "them two" now and that Dave isn't coming back... well... each time, Dave DID come back, after about the 3rd comeback, Dave and Jan's mom had a baby. They broke up and got back together a lot before one day, Dave and Jan's mom got into a big argument and Jan's mom told Jan that she'd never take Dave back again. Jan didn't believe her and only said that if he came back, she was leaving. Well, Dave came back after about a month and a half and now here Jan is, at a shelter. She also talks about how every time her ends a relationship, most of the time there is another one waiting, or sometimes there are 2 or 3 weeks where its just Jan and her mother. She is now at the shelter, she has 2 best friends, Treece and Shauna, and they are talking about Jan's curfew which is 9 pm and how that sucked for Jan because Treese and Shauna hang out with a bunch of people and go see movies and stuff without her. This is where the 1st section of my book ends.

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