Sunday, November 25, 2007

Outside Reading 1: Sect. 2 Journal Post

In this section of the book, Jen, is searching for a new job. She tries jobs such as, waitress, dog walker, babysitter. None of which seem to work for her, she always ends up opening her mouth and saying something to her employer that gets her fired. We find out that Jen really does not like to work and that she is living with a homosexual man. They are pretty much fighting through out the whole section, he keeps telling her that she needs to keep her big mouth shut, she's no longer a sorority girl and that she needs to become lady like and get over herself. All she is saying to him is making fun of his homosexuality and how he doesn't have a good sense of style. So far I'm starting to get really into this book, but at the same time I think it's kind of stupid. She runs into a guy that she instantly falls for, but he finds her absolutely annoying with all her selfishness. I find that kind of, I don't really know the word... well its definitely the opposite of when she was back in college, she could get every guy she wanted. I predict that she will learn her lesson, woman up and stop being so selfish and eventually fall in love with a guy that loves her back.

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