Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This I Believe: NPR

2. Alice Brock
3. Making It Up As I Go Along
4. She believes in making things up, improvising as you go.
- She invited 12 people to dinner when she only had 6 plates and 3 cups, she used tin cans, jelly jars for cups and hubcaps with tinfoil for plates. She made a steak dinner with one knife and they used scissors to cut the steak.
- When she closed her restaurant she left everything there, didn't look back, and moved to Provincetown to live and become a painter.

6. Favorite Passage:
Just because you have only six plates and three glasses is no reason why you can't invite 12 people to dinner. You can drink out of a jelly jar or a tin can. And there are lots of things you can use for plates — like hubcaps lined with tin foil. I once made a steak dinner in an apartment that had only one knife. We used scissors. It was quite memorable.

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